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For Porches


TigerDeck Tigerwood porch

TigerDeck® porch flooring is manufactured to the same tongue and groove specifications as standard hardwood interior flooring (except length and end matching). It’s perfect for covered, exterior applications such as porches and gazebos, but should not be installed outside in uncovered areas.


While installing our TigerDeck® porch product outside is similar to installation for TigerDeck® interior flooring, there are some key differences:

  1. Acclimatize your delivered porch boards in the same area they will be installed for a minimum of 10 days. Two weeks is recommended.
  2. Install only over open joist systems (no barrier between bottom of porch boards and free flowing air space). Use 16” joist spacing (or less).
  3. Do NOT use a moisture barrier on the ground under the porch—well drained sand or gravel is best.
  4. Exterior application demands a minimum of twice the square feet of ventilation exposure under the porch surface as do residential home foundations under the floor surface.
  5. Install TigerDeck® Tigerwood porch as tight as possible, leaving a small expansion gap of ¼” on one end and one side.


  1. Sand the finished surface lightly with 120 grit or finer sanding screen or paper using an oscillating floor sander.
  2. We recommend coating the back of the boards with the same finish product prior to installation. One coat is sufficient.
  3. TigerDeck® recommends oil or water based UV protecting finishes rather than interior type surface varnishes or polyurethanes.

We would love to see digital pictures of your finished project. If you’d like to share, please email them to Mike Gerstenberger.